Toys play an important role in the development of kids. This is why it is important to be critical about the type of toys you buy for them. Remember that learning happens best through playing. It is for this reason that parents are strongly advised to add a significant amount of educational toys to their young one’s collections.


This piece takes a brief look at some of these toys, how they can be beneficial to the skills development of the child, and a general visual description of each. Hopefully the next time you visit the local toy shop, you will be inspired to get your young hero something more than just an action figure.

==Magnetic Building Block Tile Set==

These are puzzle pieces made from non-toxic plastic. They are designed to stick to one another using magnets. The pieces in the set consist of different colors of the spectrum, visit to get more detail info about designing kits for you kids.

Individual pieces have their own distinct shapes such as squares & triangles. The child should be able to identify different shapes and colors as h/she puts them together.

There are also number tiles included in the set; they are also able to fit into each other to create a logical sequence to encourage analytical thinking.

The best part about this set is that all the small distinct shapes can be used to create one bigger shape. For example, you can use small squares with different colors to create a bigger cube.


==Augmented Reality Globe==

This one should help your child develop interest in different places on the globe. The set features small animals & play pieces that fit at specific continents and countries on the globe.

For instance, a small kangaroo can be associated with the country Australia. For the younger one who is still getting there, a picture is drawn on the country to show where every animal is found.

These two parts should give h/her an idea of the different animals that roam the Earth and where they originate from. Secondly, placing each of them on the globe will help the child identify where different countries are relative to their own.

The last piece provides them with a sheet of different flags and names of the countries they represent. This three piece set provides geological and tourism based knowledge to your children and stimulates more curiosity about the planet we live in.

==Playing & Interactions==

Since these are educational pieces, it is strongly advised that the parent becomes involved in the play. Playing with puzzle pieces may require some level of knowledge.

Helping your child with some challenges will encourage h/ her to upgrade and develop skills in mathematics, language, and social matters such as different cultures of people in different countries.

==Final Thought==

Children are drawn to every toy they come across in the toy shop. But they don’t always pick the ones that will help them develop useful skills. Which sort of video games would your six year old pick if given a choice?

This is why it is important to become involved in one way or the other. It is possible that you may end up learning a thing or two from some of those pieces.